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What is Leading From Essence?

Whatever kind of leader you are—whether you're an internal leader, a founder, an entrepreneur, or a CEO ready to scale your company—this program will help you take your leadership, your company, and your life to a new level.

You'll learn how to know if you're a "fixer" or a "creator." 

You'll learn how to develop yourself, your team, and your culture by having powerful coaching conversations.

You'll learn how to become future ready, how to dance with chaos, and how to create an exponential culture.

You'll learn why it isn't enough to do the right thing to get the right result. And you'll learn why you're living in a "bottle" that determines what's possible for you and how successful you can be, and how to break the bottle and take your success to the next level. 

You'll also learn how to optimize for serendipity so you create your vision or something better, how to deal with the demons that would sabotage you (fear, uncertainty, confusion, exhaustion, and doubt), the essential practice that makes creating what you want effortless, and how to knock over the Empire State Building.


Robert might be one of Silicon Valley’s best kept secrets. Rarely, I have met someone who was so quick to build a trusted relationship with. Granted, that Robert was introduced to me with very high recommendations, but then, many people do and Robert definitely exceeded my expectations. Even from our first meeting - a 2,5h walk through San Francisco, I took home very valuable feedback and questions to work on. 

Beyond being a great conversation partner who will lead you to answers by asking you the right questions, Robert: 

  • has a deep and elaborate theoretical psychological foundation of the messages he is bringing across 
  • He is a very versatile teacher in many areas, but always finding simple illustrations / stories / models to refer back to that allow to make quick progress 
  • has a good assessment of team members and team composure as well as what is needed / required in terms of different stakeholders to be successful 
Always following up and prepared, also Robert uses current technology to leverage the interaction. 

Robert has helped me learn a lot of things and accelerated an aleady very steep learning curve that I had as CEO of Socialbakers. But this was not only an education experience - I also got a ton more things done with his help and the two-shift operation (see below) 

Many people asked me whether a coach based on the west coast makes sense when the majority of your time is spent in Europe: my personal answer would be : it may be unorthodox, but extremely efficient: you can leverage your full day in Europe and round it up with a late session with Robert. Next morning, you have gone though an entire loop of experience- thinking - feedback - more thinking and can cycle back new learning and ideas. 

If I had not met Robert in a professional context, I would want and hope to keep him as a personal friend.
Robert Lang
Robert is an executive coach that cuts through the b.s. in the coaching field - I really appreciated his fresh approach. He's both empathetic and direct. While working with Robert my business become more focused, scaled up and my revenue increased 5x, best of all, I can see a vision more clearly for where I'm headed. The poignant questions and frameworks Robert used in our coaching time together have stuck with me, and I feel I can now self-coach my way through challenges. His Futurosity Continuum framework is in particular a powerful decision making resource I refer back to regularly that has provided impactful perspective on where to invest my time to get more of what I want. I can't imagine where things would be for me if I hadn't said "yes" to working with him at a pivotal moment in my career. If you've never worked with a coach or you are looking for the next level of growth for yourself or business - Robert is someone you absolutely need to talk to.
Vanessa Shaw
I had the distinct pleasure of working with Robert Ellis over the last 3 years as a contractor in diverse activities that I led. Robert has been more than an ideal partner and has gained my deepest respect in the following activities: 

a) While working as senior vice president at SAP, I was fortunate to have Robert as my executive coach for 3 months. He was deeply perceptive, an engaged listener, insightfully clarifying my strengths and challenges. In this relatively short period he helped me set intelligible intentions and effortlessly transform my working skills to a significantly higher level.  

b) In addition, I hired him to plan and moderate large team meetings and lead team building sessions that included more than 50 people. SAP is a challenging environment: employees come from multiple cultures and backgrounds and are extremely demanding and critical. Robert consistently scored the highest satisfaction results with the team and was admired by all participants for his natural leadership ability and his aptitude to combine fundamental learning with fun. My team always left these events with high energy and a strong sense of time well spent—a rare sentiment in the SAP environment.  

c) Robert has also collaborated with me on the creation of a startup I founded. His candid and succinct advice, superior knowledge, and unconditional dedication were a major contribution to my success.  

Robert is an all around talented individual, always passionate, absolutely trustworthy, collaborative, caring, and one of the nicest people I have ever worked with. Since my team, and I will always hold him in the highest esteem, I sincerely recommend Robert.
Ori Inbar
Robert is an experienced and insightful executive coach. One that takes a different approach to coaching, one tailored to individuals and their unique needs. Over the last three years I've taken advantage of his talents on numerous fronts.   

  • High level exec coaching (strategic thinking, prioritization, people motivation and management, time management, 360's, etc.) 
  • Presentation prep and coaching  - Sounding board for internal challenges / problem solving 
  • Training for at least ten of my top execs and members of my management team 
  • Exec 360 reviews and coaching  

I look at Robert as an insider within my organization; he's worked with all of my team and continues to contribute to our overall growth.   

Robert was a key player during our quest and successful IPO last February on NYSE. He contributed to my success as a CEO as I evolved AVG from a small 200 person private European company to a global public company with over 1,000 people today.   

I strongly recommend you use Robert if you are looking to mature as a top exec, strengthen your team, improve your strategic thinking ability, present like a celeb, sell or articulate your vision clearly and simply.  
J.R. Smith
It is not often one gets to say that a single day can change a life, but that is what Robert did for me.   

I am a seasoned CEO, regular public speaker on a global stage, have listed a company before, raised venture funding, launched tech products, have a bunch of patents, multiple successful exits.......but I was still struggling to have the impact I ought to have given that sort of track record.  

Robert helped me cut through the noise of my own ego to find my authentic self.   

I now stand with more power, awareness and fullness of presence . 

I would happily have ten days more....  

and am happy to recommend him to anyone privileged enough to get to work with him
Lisl Yearsley
Robert is highly impactful as a leadership coach and I thoroughly enjoyed being coached by him. He knows when to ask the tough questions, when to leave space for reflection, and when to push harder. And he makes it fun. He helped me navigate a challenging transition from scrappy start-up into rapid growth, and coached me into becoming a more confident and effective leader. I'd highly recommend him for leadership coaching. 
Rebecca Harrison
I have had the pleasure of working with Robert over the past six months, and I now consider him a close friend and a beloved human on this earth. My understanding is our relationship was a bit different from the normal context of his coaching as he spent more time as a sounding board/counselor and less time providing frameworks. That in itself speaks to Robert's value--he always met me exactly where I was. If I were looking for deeper understanding on a purely business level, he would meet me there. If I were approaching a situation from a growth/spiritual dimension, he would meet me there. And, he always did a fantastic job of weaving the different levels together. In my world, the greatest sign of a person's impact on me plays out in the stories and words I carry forth. At least weekly, I am sharing with a friend something Robert and I discovered on our journey. He is full of both present insight and kernels of wisdom. I have learned an immense amount about myself, our company, and my journey through my time with Robert. He helped me see and sort through a lot of my own noise, beliefs, and judgement. The man has lived a full journey himself, and I feel honored to get his wisdom through than lens. My understanding is Robert's relationships and process vary greatly from client to client. I feel confident in saying, through all of those, he will always meet you exactly where you are and provide exactly what you need. I am deeply grateful our paths crossed, and he held the space for me on my journey.
Thomas Doochin
I was fortunate enough to be an executive coaching client of Robert's. In a word, Robert is extraordinary. His approach is rooted in a deep understanding of best practices in management and leadership combined with an exceptional emotional intelligence. There is no doubt that I am a better leader because of the support I received from Robert. 
Hilary Miller-Wise
I've worked with Robert in various capacities over the past two years. After launching a business and finding success with it after two years, I was in the process of bringing on a potential business partner. Robert served as our executive coach, helping us understand what each of us wanted for ourselves and for the business. Unfortunately, the business partnership did not work out but in hindsight, it was for the better. What I admired most about Robert is how effective he is at listening and providing unbiased advice. Robert has a keen sense of how to bring out the best in you and he does this by getting you to think bigger, deeper, and with more impact. The following year, I worked with Robert again but this time I asked him to help facilitate a VIP dinner for a group of 120 thought leaders and culture champions for my conference. Robert did a phenomenal job in helping to create a natural conversation that isn't forced or awkward. The dinner was a huge success. I would not hesitate to work with Robert again. He is truly one of a kind and a great human being as well! 
Hung Pham
Robert is a powerful executive coach and strategist. He has a strong capacity to coach individuals as well as groups to maximize their full potential. He has a solid framework and methodology that resonates deeply with people who are trying to breakthrough and help people see beyond their current situation into possibilities. I highly recommend him!
Monique Giggy
The breadth and depth of Robert’s coaching skills are highly insightful and also grounded in in solid business acumen. He’s supportive, engaging, and gently challenging. One of his most exceptional gifts as a coach is to ask the most appropriate question at just the right moment, and then to creatively and constructively provide feedback. He has inspired me to dig deeper and move through my own resistance so I can continue to integrate and manifest and my personal and professional mission.
Beth Waitkus

About Robert Ellis

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With almost 30 years of experience across global companies—spanning startups, mid-stage, Fortune 500 giants, and non-profits—Robert guides leaders to take their impact to the next level at any stage of growth. His proven strength in coaching entrepreneurs and CEOs to become better leaders, think more strategically, create high performing teams, foster future-friendly cultures, and deliver compelling presentations—including several high-profile IPO roadshows—has earned him praise from one client as “one of Silicon Valley’s best-kept secrets.”

Robert is on the faculty of Singularity University, where he teaches leadership and coaches entrepreneurs. He developed Level UP, the leadership curriculum for the new Global Startup Program.

In addition to his role with Singularity University, Robert has coached entrepreneurs in the Nasdaq Milestone Maker program, helping late-early to mid-stage entrepreneurs grow their businesses to the next level. He has also taught Facing Challenge, Navigating Change: Leadership and The Hero’s Journey, an 8-week course at Stanford University using Joseph Campbell’s "Hero’s Journey" as a framework to explore mindsets and skillsets for leading yourself and others on a heroic journey in business and life.

He is also the founder of Futurosity.