Coaching From Essence - May 2020

Coming May 7th, 2020.
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Begin Before You're Ready
Before You Begin
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The Call to Adventure
2 mins
Take Your Seat in the Circle
A to B: A Brief Introduction
4 mins
Five Creations of a Successful Coach
How Many Elephants?
769 KB
The Church of 8 Wheels
1 min
Astronaut's Mindset
The Commitments
Part 1 | Listen to Your Longing
The Journey Questions
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The Life Journey
10 mins
The Heart Journey (A Personal Story)
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Paths and Quests
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Gather Your Allies
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The Love Threshold
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Goose in a Bottle
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Part 2 | Coach From Essence
Essence and Form
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You Are the Solution to a Problem That No Longer Exists
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The Essential Choice
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The Essence Questions
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Find Your Essence
81.9 KB
What You Know in Your Bones
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What You Were Born to Do
Practice Field 1 | May 12th at 3 PM UTC
Recording and Transcript
(2h 54m 35s)
Coaching From Essence Bingo Card - Front
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Coaching From Essence Bingo Card - Back
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Part 3 | Create From the Future
A to B
1.61 MB
What's Your B?
Create From the Future
The Futurosity Continuum
1.65 MB
Be in Conversation With What Wants to Happen
Optimize For Serendipity
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A Major Chord
521 KB
Failing By Succeeding
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Duchamp's Door
4 mins
Create B-Prime
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Knock Over the Empire State Building
Part 4 | Be the Host
Doing, Thinking, and Being
8 mins
Be the Host
1.08 MB
Deep Listening
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Lift and Thrust.mp4
14 mins
Evocation and Provocation
681 KB
Storytelling and Telling Stories
Five Stages of Coaching
Six Coaching Questions
Levels of Creation
God Is in the Details
The Answer Is in the Question
222 KB
Speak Your Client's Language
This Is (Not) Advice
A Great Coaching Conversation
Practice Field 2 | May 26th at 3 PM UTC
Recording and Transcript
(2h 57m 36s)
Part 5 | Co-Create From Abundance
Create Clients You Love
Clients and Friends
Optimize for Serendipity Redux
225 KB
How to Email
Why I Am Not Certified
375 KB
Show, Don't Tell
802 KB
Dream Together
Create a Coaching Alliance
Agreements, Not Contracts
Accountability and Responsibility
2.04 MB
The Red Paperclip
Be a One-Room Schoolhouse
816 KB
Coach Above Your Level
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Money. And Money.
Practice Field 3 | June 9th at 3 PM UTC
Recording and Transcript
(2h 22m 56s)
Coaching From Essence Sociogram
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A to B-Prime Worksheet
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Levels of Creation Worksheet
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Part 6 | The Dark Ally
The Dark Ally
Turn Towards Everything
92.6 KB
4.02 MB
Our Work as Human Beings
Let Your Horse Find the Way Home
Practice Field 4 | June 23rd at 3 PM UTC
Recording and Transcript Part 1
(1h 07m 14s)
Recording and Transcript Part 2
(1h 53m 35s)
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Part 7 | Give Everything to Everything
Give Everything to Everything
The Advanced Practice
Practice Field 5 | July 7th at 3 PM UTC
Recording and Transcript Part 1
(1h 20m 05s)
Recording and Transcript Part 2
(1h 09m 46s)
Part 8 | The Moment Inside the Moment
The Moment Inside the Moment
Practice Field 6 | July 21st at 3 PM UTC
Recording and Transcript
Bonus | The Ultimate Practice
Bonus: The Ultimate Practice
10 mins
Appendix | The Journey Never Ends
Complete List of Resources
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