Coaching From Essence Fall 2020 by Robert Ellis

Coaching From Essence Fall 2020

Launching September 25th, 2020
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Why Coaching From Essence?

I've been an executive coach for over 30 years. Like many coaches, I was dissatisfied with my coaching practice.

Most of my engagements were short-lived, transactional relationships. 

I kept a professional distance in my coaching and didn't feel I could show up as my authentic self, or coach from my essence (my natural way of being and creating value in the world).

I worked with anyone willing to pay. I had no idea who my ideal client was or how to create a practice full of clients I loved.

I was doing okay financially. Then I learned about coaches who charged many times what I charged. Their clients were happy to pay because the coaches knew how to do deep work that had a profound impact.

Four years ago, I completely reinvented the way I practice as a coach. I call my approach, Coaching From Essence.

Now I create deep personal and professional transformation with my clients. 

I can show up authentically as a full human being. 

I've coached several of my clients for a year or more. They view me as a trusted partner.

My practice is almost 100% referral. I'm turning clients away.

Last year, I made more money than I ever have in my life (multiple six-figures), and a full practice for me is only about a dozen clients (and because I love working with entrepreneurs who are just starting, about a third of those clients are pro bono).
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We've been creating a community of coaches who want to coach from essence. The first cohort met in person outside of San Francisco in January, with participants coming from as far away as Chile and Singapore, and the second cohort met online beginning in May (you can read some testimonials below).

You can attend this cohort from anywhere in the world from the comfort of your own home.

Join us.

What You'll Learn

Whether you're a life coach, an executive coach, an internal coach, or someone who is just starting as a coach and wants help finding your way, this program is for you.

You'll learn how to discover your essence, your way of being in the world that creates value for others without any thought or effort on your part. When you work from your essence, coaching is easy, natural, and fun. You'll love your clients, and your work will have a profound impact.

You'll learn a mindset, skillset, and toolset for coaching from essence. Can you really learn all that from an online course? Yes. I'll share the 20% of the things I do that get 80% of the results I get. Whether you've never coached before or you're already an experienced coach, you'll learn how to get powerful results and take your current skills to the next level.

You'll learn how to create a thriving coaching practice, one that sustains you both personally and financially. It saddens me that I know so many great coaches, powerful people with so much to contribute, but they don't know how to manage clients and get paid what they're worth. I can't guarantee you'll make as much money as I do as a coach, but if you're willing to do the work, you'll no longer have to wonder what it takes. 

You'll learn exactly what to do, what to say, and how to keep your clients happy so you can love what you do, do powerful work, and make more money than ever.

The tuition for the program includes the online content, live webinars, a Facebook group, and support from other coaches in the community. 

What You'll Get

  1. Access to all of the online content below (some to be updated as the program progresses).
  2. Three days of Zoom video conferences. We'll review the online material, I'll demonstrate the skills, and you'll practice and engage in other learning activities with fellow participants.
  3. Connection with other participants and the opportunity to do coaching exchanges to practice your skills.
  4. A 25% discount off a three-month membership in the Coaching From Essence Practice Fields (worth $375), which begins in October 2020. Practice Fields are sessions designed for deep personal work, honing your skills, and practice building.
  5. Lifetime Facebook group membership. This group has already been active with the first cohort that attended in January.
  6. A Certificate of Completion. Note: This does not entitle you to represent yourself as a certified Coaching From Essence Practitioner, but vouches for your knowledge of the core content.

Important! Read this:

  1. Friend me on Facebook! After you register, I'll invite you to the private Facebook group.
  2. Make sure you know how to use Zoom. All video calls will be held on Zoom.
  3. Block the dates: Friday, September 25th, 11 AM to 2 PM PT (6 PM UTC), Saturday and Sunday the 26th and 27th from 9 AM to Noon and 1 PM to 4 PM.
  4. No worries if you have to miss a call. All calls will be recorded.
  5. Readings will go live about a week before the program and require only a few hours.
  6. I recommend you have a fresh blank book for notes, even if you like to take notes on computer. All of the main content will be available for you online, but taking notes by hand will help you integrate the material and make it your own.
  7. Please reach out with any questions (or post them in the Facebook group!). I'm excited to have you join us!

Note: This content is subject to change. In other words, it may get even better than what you see here.


Begin Before You're Ready
The Call to Adventure
2 mins
How Many Elephants?
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A to B: A Brief Introduction
4 mins
Paths and Quests
119 KB
Five Creations of a Successful Coach
The Church of 8 Wheels
1 min
The Commitments
Part 1 | Coach From Essence
The Essential Choice
1.1 MB
The Essence Questions
339 KB
Find Your Essence
81.9 KB
What You Know in Your Bones
496 KB
Essence and Form
291 KB
The Love Threshold
1.19 MB
Part 2 | Create From the Future
Goose in a Bottle
658 KB
You Are the Solution to a Problem That No Longer Exists
146 KB
What's Your B?
4 mins
The Futurosity Continuum
1.65 MB
Optimize For Serendipity
1.19 MB
A Major Chord
521 KB
Failing By Succeeding
766 KB
Duchamp's Door
Create B-Prime
701 KB
Knock Over the Empire State Building
A Good Day
Part 3 | Be the Host
Be the Host
1.08 MB
Five Stages of Coaching
Six Coaching Questions
Levels of Creation
Speak Your Client's Language
The Answer Is in the Question
222 KB
Lift and Thrust.mp4
14 mins
Evocation and Provocation
681 KB
This Is (Not) Advice
851 KB
A Great Coaching Conversation
Part 4 | The Dark Ally
Turn Towards Everything
92.6 KB
The Dark Ally
4.02 MB
Our Work as Human Beings
Part 5 | Co-Create From Abundance
Create Clients You Love
Clients and Friends
Show, Don't Tell
802 KB
Dream Together
Create a Coaching Alliance
Agreements, Not Contracts
Accountability and Responsibility
2.04 MB
Be a One-Room Schoolhouse
816 KB
Coach Above Your Level
760 KB
Money. And Money.
The Red Paperclip
Afterward | Give Everything to Everything
Give Everything to Everything
A to BE
The Advanced Practice
Appendix | The Journey Never Ends
Coaching From Essence Bingo Card - Front
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Coaching From Essence Bingo Card - Back
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A to B-Prime Worksheet
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Levels of Creation Worksheet
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I had an idea this workshop was going to be one-of-a-kind, I never would’ve expected the wave of confidence and abundance that it did create though. As an executive coach of many years and what I thought were some fabulous tools in my backpack, the days spent with Robert felt like climbing the highest summit and returning with a treasure trove of profound learnings, tools and a sense of peace I haven’t had in years. It felt like Robert let us in to the best kept secrets of Executive Coaching, shared practices and mindsets that I had only dreamed of and he was actually implementing and getting great results with. To come from your truest source, to serve from your very best essence and in return do the same for our clients, how inspiring! To be stretched in my thinking, to be taken out of my comfort zone, to fall, to be caught, to laugh, to cry and to get up again awakened, that’s the real deal. When its all delivered from the most humbling generous place that Robert created, its magic.

From the get-go of making the decision to show up (amidst resistance - “I know I’m a good coach”, “I get good results”, “I don’t need another coaching approach”), my business started dove-tailing from one new big client to another. I’m asking for high ticket prices, I’m delivering amazing work (client feedback) and I’m becoming more me, the best me I can be when living and working from my essence. Thank you Robert, from the bottom of my heart.
Elisa French, PCC
Robert is an incredibly talented and supportive coach and teacher. 

While many people focus on honing their craft and being the best they can be, Robert's singular focus is on serving his students powerfully. 

He explains concepts clearly and concisely and uses a lot of role-playing and demonstration. He is receptive to his audience and relentlessly follows through with explanations and support as long as needed. He knows how to help his students "get" complex issues by adapting his delivery through various approaches. 

He brings to bear 30+ years in the field and a lifetime of experience as well as a singular talent. As he often says, everything is on the table - he shows up fully with everything he is and everything he has, and his students are better for it. 
Peter Kovacs
Robert has a motto to “give everything to everything” and he absolutely lives by it. He holds nothing back and shares his complete approach in the Coaching From Essence retreat. I connected with his intellectual style and structured frameworks. They help demystify the complex inner-workings of the human psyche and explain the underpinnings of great leadership. The insights have already informed the way I engage with my clients. Working with Robert was a real gift to my coaching practice. 
Hilary Folger, M.A, ACC, CPCC
Robert is one of the most giving and knowledgeable people that I have come across in the coaching and executive development space. As a participant in Robert's Coaching From Essence Program, I was amazed by the spectrum of practical/applicable knowledge encompassed by Roberts curriculum, his ability to make the complex simple and easy to understand, and the commitment to adding value to each participant. When you work with Robert, he goes the extra mile from the first conversation, to the event and beyond, to ensure that your experience is better than anticipated. Months after the event, Robert is still connecting to ensure that he shares key principles and is a resource to work through any questions in applying his teachings. Robert truly lives the principles of abundance and generosity. I highly recommend Robert's Coaching From Essence program for coaches, leaders or anyone who is looking to create something extraordinary in their lives.
Jake Pereira
Robert is exceptional at his art (mentoring and coaching leaders), and he gives away his knowledge generously. 

I found his 4-day Coaching from Essence Workshop in SF very thought provoking. He distilled decades of experience into this short program, driving home the handful of points that really make a difference. The program was uplifting, interactive and fun, while at the same time allowing an in-depth exploration of deep-seated beliefs that keep leaders from achieving their full potential. 

At the core of his philosophy is the conviction that everyone has a natural way of being in the world that adds value, without any thought or effort on their part. And true purpose comes when that essence, that source, is harnessed.
Rohit Bhattacharya
Working with Robert has been truly transformational experience.His depth of experience, insights and whole hearted approachhave both helped support and challenge me in ways that havemade me a better leader, husband, father and friend. I can saywithout a doubt my life is richer as a result of knowing Robert.
Doug Erwin

About Robert Ellis

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With almost 30 years of experience across global companies—spanning startups, mid-stage, Fortune 500 giants, and non-profits—Robert guides leaders to take their impact to the next level at any stage of growth. His proven strength in coaching entrepreneurs and CEOs to become better leaders, think more strategically, create high performing teams, foster future-friendly cultures, and deliver compelling presentations—including several high-profile IPO roadshows—has earned him praise from one client as “one of Silicon Valley’s best-kept secrets.”

Robert is on the faculty of Singularity University, where he teaches leadership and coaches entrepreneurs. He developed Level UP, the leadership curriculum for the new Global Startup Program.

In addition to his role with Singularity University, Robert has coached entrepreneurs in the Nasdaq Milestone Maker program, helping late-early to mid-stage entrepreneurs grow their businesses to the next level. He's also taught Facing Challenge, Navigating Change: Leadership and The Hero’s Journey, an 8-week course at Stanford University using Joseph Campbell’s "Hero’s Journey" as a framework to explore mindsets and skillsets for leading yourself and others on a heroic journey in business and life.

He is also the founder of Futurosity.


I'm brand new to coaching. Will this program really teach me how to become a six-figure coach?

We can't guarantee you'll make six-figures, but you'll learn exactly what it takes to do so. Your success depends on your ability to learn, your willingness to do the work, and the fit between your essence and the kind of coaching you're drawn to do. If you have the background to work with executives, but not the coaching skills, you'll learn a core skillset that will enable you to do powerful work and make significant money. If you want to work with people who are constrained in what they can pay, you'll learn to do powerful work, but it will be challenging to make a lot of money doing it.

I'm an experienced coach. Why would I want to take this program?

If the work you're doing doesn't go deep enough, if you're not getting the results you and your clients want, and if you've been struggling to create a flourishing practice, this program is for you. Are you coachable? Some of the program will obviously be review for you. Please come with a beginner's mind. We are creating a coaching community. Please be willing to share your wisdom and be a support for less experienced coaches.

Do I need to be a certified coach to attend? Will I be a certified coach when I complete the program?

No. And no. It isn't necessary to be certified to be a successful coach, though you will certainly benefit from learning as much as you can if you're new to coaching and we do recommend it if you feel you need to bolster your credibility. 

What's the refund policy?

There are no refunds. If you want to be a successful coach, you have to be willing to make a commitment. Be sure you are committed to attending the full program before you register.